INTERPACK (International Packaging Machinery, Packing Materials and Confectionery Machinery Exhibition)

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Dusseldorf International Packaging Machinery, Packing Materials and Confectionery Machinery Exhibition (Interpack) is organized by Dusseldorf Exhibition Organization, once every three years. It is one of the largest professional packaging exhibitions with big influence in the world. The 20th Exhibition was held in 2014. Interpack 2011 achieved great success, the exhibition area was continuously increased and more visitors and exhibitors were attracted. The net exhibition area of this Exhibition was up to 163,405 m2, 2,668 exhibitors attended the exhibition, and 17,000 audiences from 109 countries were attracted. Among them, 2/3 audiences had the right to make decision. According to the investigation information after the exhibition, exhibitors think, this Exhibition is very successful. Among them, 86% exhibitors are satisfied for exhibition effect, and 89.6% exhibitors expect to obtain more orders after the exhibition; 98% audiences give positive assessment for the overall effect of the exhibition.